Monday, June 25, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

Love me some Caramel Delights, or Samoas, or whatever you call them.

So I wanted to make my own...

First, I knew making the cute little circles with the holes in the middle would take way too long (I wanted cookies NOW).  Now I know the picture doesn't look that great, but they sure were tasty!

  • So I used a cake pan and made a basic shortbread.  
  • Directly out of the oven, frosted the entire top surface with melted semi-sweet choc chips
  • Once cooled, popped it out of the pan chocolate side down onto some wax paper
  • Toasted about 4 cups of coconut (this can be done on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, only takes about 20 min, just remember to toss it continuously)
  • Mixed the coconut with some melted caramel candies (I used one pack of Werther's) and spread it over the other side of the giant shortbread cookie
  • Melted some more chocolate chips and drizzled over the top
There you have it, a giant Caramel Delight aka Samoa Bars, as in you'll want some mo' a these bars.  

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